The Holy Spirit is Here!
June 29, 2017, 12:00 AM

I want to tell you that we have a Vestry that is on fire for Christ.  They have been working hard, praying hard, and thinking hard about the future of Christ Church as a community within a larger community.  They invite you to be a part of this conversation.  I encourage you to do just that!

And why? 

  • Because we are family, community, friends, and neighbors.
  • Because we are part of the people of God, connected by our faith and through our baptism to thousands of other believers in this Diocese and far beyond our own geographic divides, as members of the “Episcopal Branch of the Jesus Movement.” (PB Michael Curry)
  • Because the Holy Spirit is stirring the pot right here in Christ Episcopal Church.
  • Because proclaiming the good news of Christ, our messiah and redeemer, is our calling.
  • Because we have taken vows to continue in the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in the prayers (Acts 2:42, BCP 304).

And we will literally do just that – for all these reasons and more – when we gather on Sunday, August 20, for a combined service at 9 AM, followed by a pitch-in brunch. 

I do realize that not everyone will be in town, but if you are, I hope you will make every effort to be here.  Thank you. 

God is our refuge and our strength:
   a very present help in trouble

So we will not be afraid though the earth should quake:
   and the mountains fall into the depths of the sea,

Though the waters of the sea rage and foam:
   and the mountains tremble at the tumult
                        (Psalm 46, New Zealand Prayer Book 250)