Five barley loaves and two fish...
August 2, 2015, 12:31 PM

This past Sunday, Fr. Gray Lesesne, of the Episcopal Community in Brownsburg, was our guest preacher (read his sermon here).

Fr. Gray spoke on the Gospel text of the feeding of the five thousand.  The disciples didn’t know where they could find enough food for all of them, when Andrew said “here is a boy with two fishes and five barley loaves, but what is that among so many?” Jesus said, “Tell the people to sit down,” and proceeded to feed everyone from that small start.  Now the thing is, of course, many Christians have differing ideas how he managed to do that – the two most popular are: it was a complete miracle; or, seeing the boy share his lunch convinced members of the crowd to open their lunches up and share with everyone else.  Which, when you come to think of it, might be seen as a bit of a miracle of itself.

Fr. Gray gave us some demographics of the Madison area that indicate a modest future growth in population, primarily consisting of families in the 20-35 year age range, and retirees.

He then challenged us to find our own “small boy” with the two fish and five barley loaves, and help him out.

In other words, he invited us to get involved in local helping organizations –not singly, as so many of us do; rather to make a group contribution.  He gave some examples: in Brownsburg the new Episcopal community has been meeting on Wednesday evenings at the local food pantry to set up the space for the weekly Thursday distribution.  As they do this together, they also come together to worship and celebrate the Eucharist at the same tables where food is prepared.  This particular service will end when school starts and the local special needs students return to this work, which they perform almost year-round.

Another ministry involves being an “unofficial” PTA for Harris Academy, a school for youth at risk of dropping out.  They provide tutors, mentors, and support to teachers and students.  Fr. Gray actually spends one lunch-hour each week making himself available to talk with students. 

Can you think of something local where many hands can come together for a particular effort to aid others in our community?

Let us know!  And please, by all means, sign up for the special outreach email list (see next page) as well!