Busy Busy!
February 28, 2019, 12:00 AM

First, I want to thank the members of the Liturgy Committee:  Aaron Lynch, Karen Scroggin, Peggy Hans, and Starla Raley, for their ideas and assistance in planning for our worship services in Lent and Holy Week.   We’ll be issuing a brochure soon with service times.  Please note it's not too late to sign up to assist with the extra services, including Ash Wednesday (March 6).  We need readers for the Passion Gospel on Palm Sunday with the Bishop (April 14, 9 AM).   (Else you may find yourself handed a script when you come to church that morning, whether you signed up or not!)

Then, I would like to thank Starla and the members of the Christ Church Choir, who are working on some outstanding music for Sundays and Wednesdays Evensong in Lent:  Allen Watson, Ann Farnsley, Bert Fitzgerald Camille Fife, Dave Sloan,  Deb Wickham, Lisa Rosenberger, Mike Raley, Tabitha Tolbert, Tammy Moore, and Richard Dickie (and of course, Starla). 

We will have new and familiar mass settings: a Kyrie written by Terry Fullam, which is an oldie-but-goodie that some of you may remember from years past, and a Sanctus to the tune of Land of Rest, and if you know the hymns "I come with joy to meet my Lord," or "Jerusalem my happy home," that's the tune.  We also have new settings for the Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis for Evensong, where our musical choices are intended to be meditative and contemplative (and slightly medieval in tone).

Next, my thanks to Allen Watson, Aaron Lynch, and Sarah Vosmeier for leading the class on Race in America., and for all the many people who came - we had amazing turnout for this class!  Don't forget to come this Sunday to hear from the Hanover Students about their trip and their learning. And thank you to everyone who provided an abundance of snack and healthy food for their travels!

If you are interesting in further discussion or learning about the topic of Race in America, there are several options available.  First, Bishop Jennifer is offering a book study ("One Book One Diocese") during Lent, with a web-based discussion of Stand Your Ground: Black Bodies and the Justice of God, by The Rev. Dr. Kelly Brown Douglas.  For details, see page 7 of the E-Pistle for February 28-March 27.

A second option is a web-based series called Sacred Ground, featuring films, videos, and readings: it's particularly well-suited to small group settings (but is a greater time commitment that our usual Sunday between the services framework).  Find out more here.   Sign up here.  This program is free; just send in your email address and download the material!

Switching gears, we are offering a class on the Historical Jesus for the first five weeks of Lent, around five questions:  who was Jesus (what had been written in and outside of the gospels); where was Jesus (what was it like in Palestine in those years?); when was Jesus (his life before the destruction of the Temple and how the gospels reflected that setting); and why was Jesus seen as the Messiah and how does that reflect the church's interpretation in the present day.  Many thanks to Aaron Lynch for pulling this together!

And, finally, we will be distributing copies of Living Well Through Lent: Practicing Forgiveness with all your Heart, Soul, Strength, and Mind¸ from Living Compass.  In prior years we have used books from this series for Sunday Christian Ed.  If you are interested in a group discussion, using this book we will need to find another time that works for folks.

Much love and many blessings to you all!

Faithfully,  Evelyn+